Wednesday, December 13, 2000


Well, George W. Bush is a shoe-in, now that the Supreme Court has shoe-horned him in. Coincidentally, this prophecy has been flying around the Internet ...

"Come the 12th month of the millennium in the home of the greatest power, the village idiot will come forth to be proclaimed as leader."
Yes, yes, we've all heard it. Most people don't know Nostradamus' next canto goes on to say..

"And it shall come to pass the idiot shall put drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico while floating his phony tax cut past an apathetic public who believe what they're told if the nice man on TV smiles at them. The resulting leverage will give the overconfident twit the notion that going to war over China's attempted invasion of Taiwan is a good idea. Yet, even before the horseman of war is unleashed, the idiot will die of botulism from a can of "Bon Vivant Vichychoise" somebody forgot to clean out of the White House kitchen cupboard. And in these days, the PRC will turn Taiwan into a vast slave labor camp producing cheap animation such that fat rich fucks in Hollywood will become even fatter and richer while in Korea's animation studios the wailing will ascend even unto the heavens. The seas will boil, the heavens darken. And, in Hollywood, Callista Flockhart will refuse to blow Robert Downey Jr. because she doesn't need the extra calories."

See, that would be a prophecy.