Sunday, June 10, 2001

Anime territory dept.

Well, the otakus over in Japan voted for their all-time favorite anime programs for this year. And they never seem to get enough, well anyways, here's the list:

According to “Newtype, the moving pictures magazine,” the 20 most popular anime TV shows in Japan are...

1. Angelic Layer

2. Inu Yasha

3. Cowboy Bebop

4. Gundam

5. Cardcaptor Sakura

6. Noir

7. Martian Successor Nadesico

8. Sister Princess

9. You're Under Arrest

10. Comic Party

11. Louie the Rune Soldier

13. Ah! My Goddess

14. Detective Conan

15. Gene-Shaft


17. Argento Soma

18. Junguru ha itsumo haru no chiguu

19. ZOIDS New Generation/Liger Zero

20. Di Gi Charat

Following that....

21. Giant Choad Robot

22. Inu Assho

23. Dragon Warrior Transvestite Junior Accountant Boy

24. GoddamMofo

25. GoddamMofo: the Next Generation

26. Rapidly Multiplying Market-Spinoff Cute Mutant Animals

27. Gaijin Otaku Wannabe Hour of Shameless Crap

28. Fearless Richard Gere Flying Gerbil Attack Squadron

29. Large Breasted Schoolgirls in Short Skirts Planetary Defense Squad

30. Bondage Planet 9

31. Methamphetamine Racer

32. Ah! Moist Sex with Underage Supernatural Being!

33. Philip Marlowe the Barbarian

34. Gene-Sprice

35. Evangelion: Teenage Suicide Counseling Hotline

36. Evangelion: Destroy all Pokemon!

37. Fukyu! Yogoura sukka beeg dogdikku!

38. ROIDS: Generation H

38. Hello Kitty: the Revenge

39. Yeast Infection Princess Mung

40. Hentai Christ: the Resurrection