Sunday, November 22, 1998

The Teddy Bear's Picnic

If you go out to the woods tonight
You'd better not go alone!
If you go out to the woods tonight
You'd better not go alone!
Tonight's the night...
The Teddy Bears...
Have their picnic!


ANNOUNCER: (Eric Idle-esque) Suddenly, in another part of the forest, the Teddy Bears are having their picnic. There are three of them. They're all about 8 feet tall and resemble S. Clay Wilson bikers and, in fact, have ridden in on various choppers. We see the ruins of several campfires, some departed guest's quickly discarded bra and panties, wine bottles, drug paraphernalia, weapons, ammo, Piltdown Man's jawbone, the complete works of Kierkegaard and other implements of destruction are scattered everywhere. One flickering campfire remains...

TEDDY #1: (scratching groin) Fuck this. I think I gotta a motherfuckin' tick in my groin.

TEDDY #3: A tick on your dick?

The TEDDY BEARS laugh.

TEDDY #1: Shut the fuck up! It ain't fuckin' funny!

TEDDY #2: That's the fuckin' meth, man. Happened to me. My left eye was twitching like a sumbitch.

TEDDY #1: No, no, no, not that kinda tick, I mean like one of those fuckin' little bloodsuckers.

TEDDY #2: Oh, you mean like a tick. I thought you said "tic."

TEDDY #1: Fuck, this fucker hurts like a fuckin' motherfucker. Fuck.

TEDDY #3: You gotta burn it off man. Like use a cigarette or a match or sumpin.

TEDDY #1: (digging at his groin again) Listen fucker, the fuckin' things on the underside of my fuckin' fuckin' way I'm using a fuckin' match or some fuckin'....ahhhh...get me some fuckin' wine or sumpin.

TEDDY #2: We drank the wine.

TEDDY #1: (falling to the ground, kicking legs in agony) Ahhhhh...

TEDDY #3: Don't be a fuckin' pussy man.

TEDDY #1: Ahhhhh, you fucker...ahhhh....if I wasn't in so much pain I'd fuckin' ...

TEDDY #2: You think you're gonna get Lyme's disease?

TEDDY #1: No, man. I hate limes.

TEDDY #2: No, Lyme's disease. You get it from ticks.

TEDDY #1: Ahhhh, fuck. That's all I fuckin' need -- a fuckin' STD from some fuckin' tick. Fuck that shit. (leaping to his feet) Get me the fuckin' pliers.

TEDDY #3: You're supposed to use, like, matches.

TEDDY #1: Fuck that fuckin' boyscout way I'm puttin' some fuckin' match on my balls...ahhhh...

TEDDY #2: You can also use a cigarette.


TEDDY #3: OK, man. (handing him pliers) It's your fuckin' funeral.

TEDDY #1 starts digging at his groin area with the pliers, screaming horribly.


TEDDY #1 rips the tick, along with a mass of tissue, fur and blood, out of his groin, then throws it to the ground, along with the bloody pliers. Engraged, he pulls out a Dirty Harry-type 47 Magnum and starts blasting it.


Blam! Blam! Etc. He runs out of rounds. There's dead silence.

TEDDY #2: I guess you killed it man.

The TEDDY BEARS laugh again. More silence. A mild-mannered figure enters the picture, a small slump-shouldered Forrest Ranger with a voice like Droopy Dog.

RANGER: Excuse me. Are you the Teddy Bears?

TEDDY #1: Yeah, we're the fuckin' Teddy Bears.

RANGER: And this must be your picnic?

TEDDY #1: Yeah. No shit. We're the fuckin' Teddy Bears and this is our fuckin' picnic.

RANGER: I see. Well, I'm afraid ...

TEDDY #1: You're afraid?

RANGER: I'm afraid ... I have to tell you, you're going to have to clean this up.

TEDDY #3: Clean it up?

TEDDY #1 starts laughing and shaking his head. He then stoops to the ground, picks up the crushed remains of the tick, pops it in his mouth and starts eating it.

RANGER: Yes. And be sure to cover your campfires and rake the coals...

TEDDY #2: I don't understand what you're saying, man. You can't be saying what I fuckin' think you're saying...

TEDDY #1 still eating tick while shaking head and chuckling dangerously.

RANGER: Well, in case you don't's a pamphlet explaining park regulations.

He hands TEDDY #2 a pamphlet. Astonished, TEDDY #2 takes it.

TEDDY #1: (swallowing tick) You all by yourself?

RANGER: Why yes.

The TEDDY BEARS smile and converge on him, firelight flickering ominously on their faces. Fade to black.

Music up: "The Teddy Bears' Picnic."

If you go out to the woods tonight
You'd better not go alone!
If you go out to the woods tonight
You'd better not go alone!
Tonight's the night...
The Teddy Bears...
Have their picnic!

Monday, November 16, 1998

Thank U parody

(parody of "Thank U" by Alanis Morissette)

how bout getting off these antipsychotics
how bout not trying to eat my own head
how bout them invisible bongo slapping Beats
how bout saying fuck it and staying in bed

thank you Pineal Gland
thank you Rocky Horror
thank you existential ennui
thank you Holy Grail
thank you U.S. Mail
thank you Jonathan Livingston Shween

How bout lyrics that aren't pure gibberish
How bout me getting as fat as Dinah Shore
How bout how good it feels to groin kick Pauly Shore
How bout grieving that I'm just a bore

thank you Mindia
thank you Morkia
thank you ramalamadingdong
thank you Claritan
thank you Serutan
thank you Republic of Chad

the moment I let go of it was the moment
The cup fell on the floor and broke
the moment I jumped off of the table
was the moment I broke my nose

how bout more sado and less maso
how bout catching my hair in the door
how bout returning that library book
how bout not equating death with shopping

thank you South of the Border
thank you Providence, Rhode Island
thank you beingness
thank you somethingness
thank you clean public toilets
thank you thank you Soylent Green