Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sunyatta Supermarket: Where shopping really sucks!

Bored-looking customers at the check-out line. One is a crazed Mad Scientist with hair like a Treasure Troll. He reaches into his lab coat and pulls out an apparatus resembling a Thermos bottle.

MAD SCIENTIST: So it was prophesied. Well, yes, of course. Anyway.

He unscrews the apparatus. A micro-black hole pops out, and immediately begins sucking the screaming clerk and customers inside. Along with the cackling Mad Scientist, not to mention the candy bars, glossy magazines, and the end-cap display filled with disposable razors and batteries.

A bored-looking Manager looks over from Customer Service. Surveys the carnage. Thinks. Then pulls the microphone closer. Speaks into it ...

MANAGER: Void on Aisle 7. Void on Aisle 7.