Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hilarious Accident

I-75 was the scene of a comical vehicular accident earlier today as a clown car stuffed with 28 buffoons collided with a school bus of Canadian mimes. The injured and dying were emergency-airlifted to Tampa General Trauma Center. Seven people were reported dead at the scene; four others died in hospital; 18 remain in critical or serious condition. But there’s nothing serious about this car wreck.

“It’s some of the most hilarious carnage I’ve ever scene,” said Florida Highway Patrolman Burt Shockman at the scene. “They’ve cleaned it up some, but there were inflatable shoes and red noses everywhere. The mimes were screaming — but you couldn’t freaking hear them!” The Patrolman paused to laugh, and then continued. “This whole section of road was just smeared with greasepaint.” As he spoke, emergency road crews were still cleaning up broken seltzer bottles and cream pies and laughing until they cried.

The accident took place in the predawn hours at approximately 6:15 a.m. near the Linger Lodge exit. Of the casualties, six were reported as clowns, four as mimes; one victim could not be identified. Earlier today, Chief Trauma surgeon, Dr. Janet Barcomb, was reported as saying, “What do you expect when you put a clown behind the wheel?” Clown advocate Captain Beezo immediately replied in an angry public announcement: “The mimes were at fault! That bus came out of nowhere! We didn’t even hear ‘em!” and then proceeded to insult Canadians. The surgeon was later quoted as saying “Yeah, mimes. Silent killer, right?” before wetting herself.

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