Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Sounds of Facebook

(to the tune of "Sounds of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel)

Hello Facebook, my old friend

You’ve come to waste my time again

Scrolling through the petty arguments

Made-up minds, you can’t make a dent

And the choirs who are preaching to themselves

Like twisted elves

Within the sound of Facebook

In Timeline’s fog I logged alone

To see the bullshit I had thrown

And my friends, who bitched about keeping Lent

I thought and added my comment

When my brain was stabbed by the cash of Mark Zuckerberg

Who is a nerd

But !@#$ rich from Facebook

And in my monitor I saw

Ten million people, maybe more

People sharing without filtering

While FB their data is pilfering

People posing in the cliques of a vast high school

They type and drool

And that’s the sound of Facebook

"Dopes," said I, "You do not know!

This circle jerk, you make it grow!

Read a book that you might have some thoughts.

Get some sleep before you plotz.”

But my friends all responded with “dislike”

So !@##$ you Mike

And !@#$ you Facebook

And the people typed away

To friends in Bangkok and LA

Imagining someone else reading

In the solipsistic Borg breeding

And my mind said, "The words of the prophets aren’t written in Facebook posts.

You talk to ghosts."

The rest is silence.

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