Friday, December 16, 2016

The Nutcracker


A happy scene. Many presents under the tree. Zoom in.

Music: Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite.

NARRATOR: (OS) Do you believe in magic?

Continue to zoom.

NARRATOR: (OS) Do you believe the Nutcracker can come to life?

Continue to zoom. On the Nutcracker.

NARRATOR: (OS) It doesn’t matter what you believe.

Zoom in close on the Nutcracker. Its jaws open.

Nutcracker Suit continues. Gets more and more manic ...

LITTLE GIRL: (OS) Daddy where’s my nutcracker? You said you were going to buy me a nutcracker!

Zoom. The Nutcracker's jaws open wider ...

DADDY: (OS) I did! I put him on your bed!

Wider ...

LITTLE GIRL: Well, he's not here, Daddy.

Wider ...

DADDY: (OS) That’s funny, he was right …

Screams. (OS)

LITTLE GIRL: Oh my God, Uncle Jack!

Continue zoom to impossible grainy closeness.

NARRATOR: (OS) It doesn’t matter where you hide. This holiday season, the Nutcracker's coming for you. 

Music reaches fever pitch ...

The Nutcracker's bloody jaws snap shut.

NARRATOR: And he isn't very sweet.

Fade to BLACK.

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