Wednesday, March 22, 1995

Seinfeld in Hell


JERRY SEINFELD does his monologue before a packed crowd of DEMONS sitting down at little round tables sipping drinks.

JERRY: So, I'm burning in the lake of fire. I don't mind telling you people, it's hot.

Waits for laugh. nothing.

JERRY: It's called observational comedy people, just doing my job. And I think the observation holds true. Hell is hot. It's hot! And, I've got news for you. It's not freezing over. I don't think that's ever going to happen. Who started that rumor? I came here with the highest of expectations. Abandon all hope? Not this cutting-edge yet non-threatening dead comedian. My glass is half full. Not half empty. Oh yeah. So, I'm there in the somewhat unpleasant Lake of Fire. I keep telling myself: "One of these days, hell is gonna freeze over. Just the law of averages." Didn't happen. A thousand years. Ten thousand years. I'm waiting for Nancy Kerrigan to come skating by. Hey, at this point, I'd settle for Tanya Harding.

No laugh.

JERRY: So ... OK ... I'm waiting. I'm hoping. The freezing thing just didn't happen. No ice skating. I've pretty much given up on that. Hope? Yeah, I've abandoned it. I know, I know. The big sign when you come in pretty much tells you that. Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here. It's like those signs at the airport. Don't leave your bag unattended. Don't accept any packages from terrorists. Check your hope at the door. It's very specific! But I have to find out for myself. OK, now what? I found out, people. No hope. So what do I do now? How exactly do I pass the time? What do other people do? What exactly is it that you're supposed to do in the Lake of Fire?


JERRY: Sure. Lotta suffering going on. Lotta suffering. What else?

AUDIENCE: More suffering!

JERRY: OK, OK. Good. Apart from the suffering? I'm going with sweat. Yeah, lotsa sweat. You sweat. You scream. You think. Me? I'm thinking ... what's the deal with Satan? I mean, talk about your power of persuasion. That war in heaven thing. How'd he talk you into it?

Glass shatters (O.S.)

JERRY: Yeah, yeah. I know it's a sore subject. You lost, big time. Oh yeah. Satan, zero. God, infinity.That's kinda like America and the whole Vietnam War thing. Hey, I get it. I'm just wondering. Seriously. How'd he talk you into it? You didn't see that coming? I mean ... what was the pitch? (does whispering voice) "Hey, guys. God's omniscient, omipresent, omnipotent, and he sees the future before it even happens. He knows what we're thinking. He knows what we're gonna do before we do it. What say we start a war in heaven? I think we can take Him!"

A DEMON appears with a pitchfork.

JERRY: Yeah, I get it. Back to the Lake of Fire right? Rigght. See, that's exactly why I don't do political material. George knows what I'm talking about. Right George?

GEORGE: (O.S.) Go to Hell, Jerry.

JERRY: Already there.

DEMON pokes JERRY with pitchfork.

JERRY: Enough with the poking already.

GEORGE: (shouting O.S.) This is all your fault, Jerry! I told you what to do! Kiss up to the audience! Make them feel superior. It always works!

JERRY: Goodnight people.

GEORGE: You were supposed to say, "Here I am in the Lake of Fire. You know what I'm thinking? 'Now I know what a french fry feels like. I always wondered.'" I told you to go with that! It's safe material!

JERRY: Well, it's not exactly good. And you're not exactly people. But you know what I'm saying.

GEORGE: You coulda got me outta here!

JERRY: You've been a beautiful audience.

The DEMON marches him off.

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