Sunday, May 21, 1995

The "A-Team" song

(to the tune of Alice Cooper's "I'm 18")

Sweet Lady Insomnia stuck her claws in my brain
Can't fall asleep and I'm going insane
Way late at night, I'm watching dumbass TV
Vast mental wasteland; audience me
My IQ is dropping, and guess what I see?

It’s the A-Team
Braindead late night TV
Reheated shit from the 70s

George Peppard he ain’t working too hard
The actors around him are all functioning tards
They best one they got is old Mister T
He tries so damn hard
But he ain’t funny to me

It’s the A-Team
Braindead late night TV
Like watching a train wreck
I just gotta see
The jokes were fucking old
In 73

Scripts typed by chimps taking LSD
Special effects are so bad they’d make Ed Wood scream
People get shot and there ain’t any blood
At least it was funny when they did it in “Chud”

It’s the A-Team
And I like it!

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