Monday, December 14, 1998

Acid Casualty Insurance

Jeff Bridges appears as the Dude character from "The Big Lebowski." He's holding an open carton of milk. He looks around with confusion, then notices the camera.

THE DUDE: Hey, man. This is the Dude for Acid Casualty Insurance. They’re, like, paying me money to talk about it. But, man, you know, I really believe in it, so I’d talk about it anyway. Even ... you know ... if they didn't give me money. But I’ll take their money, man. I'm not saying that. I'll definitely take their money. So, OK, man. Anyway. The existential deal is ... You need insurance, man. Why do you need insurance? Well, like, shit happens. Bad shit. Bad things happen to good people, man. Bad things happen to bad people. Bad things happen, OK? Like especially when you’re tripping. Like that time I did a hit of windowpane and – but I don’t want to get off the subject, man. I want to keep this, like linear. My point is ... Bad things happen, that’s the point, man. That’s why there’s insurance. You ever thought about insurance? Like, really, you know. Insurance. Think about it. Like, grok it, man. Grok insurance. It’s, like, you’re making a bet with God that something bad is going to happen to you, man. If you die, man, then, like, you win. But if you lose, man, then you’re like, not dead, OK? So, it’s like you win either way. So get insurance, man. Get it from us, OK? Listen, man. At Acid Casualty Insurance, you can’t be turned down for any reason. I'm serious, man. Any reason. We’re acid heads, man. We insure the old, the sick. We insure imaginary characters, man. We’ll insure you if you’re already dead. Call this number, man. I’m pointing to it.

The number appears. He's actually pointing in the wrong place.

THE DUDE: I can’t, like really see it, but they told me they’d put it in later. Peace.

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