Saturday, February 22, 2014


Title fades in: 

Subtitle fades in: 
Noun: extreme or irrational fear of clowns

Calliope music (OS)

Go to --


Calliope music continues. (OS) 

Fish-eye lens POV of Child looking up.

The Child is crying. (OS)

A clown (Koko) walks by, goes out of frame.

Koko returns, walking backwards into frame. Then stops. Looks.

Koko: Say…what’s the matter, little girl? Aw. Are you lost? Did your mommy and daddy leave you here all alone? Gosh. That makes Koko sad!

Crying gets louder. (OS)

Koko pantomimes wiping his eyes. Then snaps his fingers.
Koko: Say, I’ve got an idea! Why don’t you run away and join the circus?

Crying gets louder. Koko leans down, like the cop in A Clockwork Orange.

Koko: Then you could be with ME!

Crying gets louder.

Wouldn’t that be swell?

Koko: Then you could be with Koko forever and ever and e—

Mom: (OS) What the hell are you doing?

Koko reacts.
Koko: Lady I’m just …

Go to black.

Sounds: (OS) Mom beating the seltzer out of Koko while Child giggles. 

Calliope music up.

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