Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dear President Putin

Dear President Putin -- 

Or may I please be calling you Fearless Leader? Perhaps am jumping gun. Point to which I am getting now: Love your style baby! Is so 1980s like Billy Idol and Rubix cubes, so much fun, exception being made for falling Wall at the end. 

Now, am thinking Cold War is hot, hot, hot again. From this premise conclusion is made my services would be highly valuable to your extreme macho patriotic give-Mother-Russia-a-big-hug, the Bear is back, baby! way of doing things. Am (please be noting attached CV) highly experienced in bombs, sneaking around, wearing really cool hat and trench coat, and ruining day of Moose and Squirrel in America. With help from me, tragedy of Soviet Union will have happy ending, like Humpty Dumpty, only backwards. 

As wise saying goes, "You can't make an omelet without hiring Boris Badenov." (And Natasha Fatale, too of course. Always working as team for reasons of extreme personal loyalty, unless you don't want her, in which case I forget her.) I am always at your service and so forth and am eagerly awaiting your reply, when it is convenient to you of course. 

Your biggest fan -- 

-- Boris Badenov

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