Monday, October 3, 2016

1% inspiration. 99% damnation.


Satan looks over at a Junior Demon. It's grinning. Wildly, twistedly, horrifically, uh, you know, demonically.

Satan: Why are you grinning?
Jr. Demon: I just invented something.
Satan: Ah…

Walks over. Bends down over the Junior Demon at his little worktable.

Satan: And what do you call your invention?
Jr. Demon: I call it …. Facebook! Hee-hee-hee-hee!
Satan: And what will this invention do?
Jr. Demon: It will …

The Jr. Demon’s grin widens. Becomes, if such a thing were possible, more hideous.

Jr. Demon: … turn everyone on Earth into politicians!

Jr. Demon laughs. Satan laughs. The demons in Satan's Workshop laugh. The pandemoniacal cackling builds, resonates, shakes the Earth …

Mark Zuckerberg sits up in bed in his Harvard dorm room.

Zuckerberg. Wow … I just had the coolest idea!

He writes it down.

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