Sunday, September 2, 2012


Weird, yellowish lighting from Mercury vapor lamps. Scooby Doo stands by the Mystery Machine. Waits.

Whirring noise. (OS)

The Jetsons' hovercar glides down and lands on the parking lot. Judy and Astro are inside. Judy's driving, of course.

The hovercar's bubble top opens. Astro emerges. Judy starts to get out too, but he nods for her to stay back.

Astro walks up to the Mystery Machine, stops, confronts Scooby Doo.

Astro: Ry reep ry romises.

Scooby Doo: Ree roo.

Scooby Doo nods. Panel door slides open on the van. Shaggy emerges, roughly manhandling out a figure with a hood over his head. Removes hood. We see it's George Jetson.

Shaggy shoves George to the asphalt.

George: Astro!

George tries to run to his dog. Shaggy pulls a 45. George stops.

Shaggy: Stay out of this pal. (giggles) Like, hang back and watch the show.

Scooby Doo pulls out a wicked katana sword. Holds it forward in a classic stance.

Scooby Doo: Rets rinish ris.

Astro: Ree ron't rave roo roo ris.

Scooby Doo: Ro. Rin re rend, rere ran ree ronly rone.

Scooby Doo charges Astro with a samurai battle cry. Astro pulls out his own wicked katana. The two talking dogs fight. It's spectacular, take my word for it.

Astro cuts off Scooby Doo's head. A flash of lightning. Astro absorbs Scooby Doo's life energy with a scream, then collapses.

George: Let's go home, Astro.

George and Astro walk back to Judy, who's been waiting by the hovercar. Judy gives Astro a doggy treat. The Jetson family gets into the hovercar. The bubble top closes. It lifts off and glides away.

Now alone, Shaggy studies Scooby Doo's body.

Shaggy: Like, bummer.

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