Thursday, May 30, 1996

The "Twister" song

I'm !@#$ sick of the relentless, four-wall promotions for Twister, which I haven't seen yet, tho for all I know it could be the next Battleship Potemkin. Ah, well. The Muse works in mysterious ways. All that advertising put me in mind of a shit-kicking country song, as follows:

There’s something called a Twister
It comes down from above
Sucks up your truck, your dog, your wife
And ever’thing you love
If you see it coming
You know you’re out of luck
Best bend over, kiss your butt goodbye
‘Cause sometimes nature sucks

You’ll get your arms and legs
All twisted with your neighbor’s
But this Twister ain’t no game
It’s just a case of random forces
Ain’t no one to blame
You’ll feel like Camus as you’re ripped to pieces
And sucked up in the sky
Ain’t no Wizard of Oz happy landing
That’s just a goddamn lie

Gee, Pa it’s getting awful dark
Why’d I move her to this trailer park?
Inky stinky fricky frick fack fark
Cause sometimes nature sucks!

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